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Clinical experience of REKOVELLE use in Maria fertility hospital

Chang Woo Choo

2021年度 年次大会-講演抄録韓国の今から日本の未来を考える

学会講師:Chang Woo Choo


It has been evaluated the outcomes of the real use experience of follitropin delta in S. Korea compared with the outcomes of phase III clinical trials in Europe(ESTHER-1 study)and Japan
(STORK study).
Maria Fertility Hospital in S. Korea collected 82 cases of follitropin  delta from the fourth quarter of 2020 and preliminary analysis was conducted. The age of the subjects included in the analysis was about 52 % aged <37 years, and 48 % aged ≥ 38 years. The subjects with AMH less than 2.1 ng/ml included in the analysis were approximately 60%. The percentage of the subjects who retrieved oocytes from 8 to 14 was 39%, those who retrieved more than 15 oocytes in subjects ≥ AMH 2.1 ng/ml is 20% and less than 4 oocytes retrieved in subjects < AMH 2 .1 ng/ml was 10%. It was a comparable proportion of recovered oocytes from previous Caucasian and Japanese studies. The rate of retrieving less than 4 oocytes from the subjects < AMH 2.1 ng/ml was higher than that of previous studies because of more than elderly subjects included. Clinical pregnancy rate was shown a bout 2 7%, w hich w as 31.1% w hen analyzed separately for subjects aged under 40.
The use of follitropin delta, which does not require d ose a djustment d uring s ame COS cycle, has shown similar consequence to previous phase III studies. Follitropin delta in real world might be able to be regarded as sufficiently useful for both
efficacy and safety, especially application of potential high responders.