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Ovarian freezing + IVM of released eggs

学術集会 一般演題(口頭発表)

2018年度 学術集会 一般演題(口頭発表)

発表者:Dimitry Nikiforov1)・Cheng Junping2)・Pors Susanne Elisabeth2)・Kristensen Stine Gry2)・Andersen Claus Yding2)

1)Laboratory of Reproductive Biology at Rigshospitalet Copenhagen University Hospital and Okayama University
2)Laboratory of Reproductive Biology, University Hospital of Copenhagen, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, Denmark


目的:Can immature oocytes found in the medium after cortical tissue preparation for cryopreservation, constitute a reliable source of mature eggs?

方法:A total of 25 patients with the mean age 28, who had one ovary excised for fertility preservation, were included. After collection, oocytes were divided into 3 groups: COCs with large amount of cumulus, small ones and naked oocytes. After maturation measurements of egg’s cytoplasm were taken and related to the maturation outcome.

結果:36 immature oocytes per patient were collected with the range of 7-100 cells. 31% (N=277) of all oocytes matured to the MII stage within 48 hours. On average each patient had 11 mature oocytes. Maturation rate for the oocytes from large COCs was 52%, small COCs matured with the rate of 22,7%, while success rate for the naked ones was only 12% (p<0,001). Oocytes matured to MII had a significantly larger diameter than MI and GV ones (p<0,001).

考察:The unexpected developmental capacity of immature oocytes from small antral follicles is likely to augment chances for conception for some patients. The use of IVM oocytes collected from small antral follicles during normal IVF may be of interest in the future.