Aaron J Hsueh

Aaron J Hsueh

1Department of Ob/Gyn,Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA USA


Aaron Hsueh is an ovarian physiologist and has published in the field for decades with > 380 refereed papers. His lab has investigated the hormonal regulation of granulosa cell functions, leading to the establishment of a sensitive in vitro FSH bioassay and the design of a long-acting FSH analog (ELONVA) now in clinical use.
His lab also contributed to the understanding of ovarian follicle growth and atresia, intraovarian mechanisms of oocyte maturation, and autocrine/paracrine regulation of early embryonic development.
His lab cloned human FSH and LH receptors together with five related receptors( named them as LGR4-8) before identifying LGR7 as the relaxin receptor. The Hsueh lab established and maintained the Ovarian Kaleidoscope Database (OKdb, http://ovary.stanford.edu) over 1 7 years as an online resource for ovarian researchers to search for ovarian literature and DNA microarray data.
In 2 0 1 3, his lab established an in vitro activation (IVA) method to activate ovarian preantral follicles for the derivation of mature oocytes in patients with primary ovarian insufficiency and low ovarian reserve.