Csaba Pribenszky

Csaba Pribenszky

Associate Professor
Principal investigator and Senior Lecturer at University of Veterinary Science, Hungary


Csaba Pribenszky obtained his PhD at the University of Veterinary Science, Budapest, Hungary and worked as Senior Researcher and Lecturer in different ART research institutes in Brasil, USA, France, Denmark and at numerous ART labs worldwide. He published the birth of the first baby where a single embryo was selected via time-lapse. His research led to the development of the first commercially available time-lapse system for the routine. His team has published the first protocols for the stress-preconditioning of gametes, embryos and stem cells. His main research areas include time-lapse imaging, embryo selection, cell stress, cryopreservation and new technologies for ART. He is an Associate Professor at the University of Veterinary Science, Budapest and a Senior Researcher at Vitrolife AB Sweden.