David Sebastian Sauer

David Sebastian Sauer

Center for Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology, Frankfurt, Germany


Since 2022 Consultant Reproductive Medicine, TFP Fertility Clinic, Duesseldorf
2021 Consultant Reproductive Medicine, Next Fertility Centre, Ulm
2018 〜 2021 Consultant Reproductive Medicine, Fertility Center, Frankfurt a. M.
2017 〜 2020 Visiting Consultant Gynaecological clinic, Innsbruck/ Austria
2015 〜 2017 Fertility Center Frankfurt, Gyn. Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine
Specialist for Preventive Medicine( German Society for Womens Health)
2014〜 Attending physician(Oberarzt) Northwest Hospital, Frankfurt am Main
Department Gynaecology and Obstetrics
2014 Board Certificate for Gynaecology and Obstetrics( ÄK Nordrhein)
Fellowship laparoscopic surgery University of Arizona Medical Center, Tucson
2011 〜 2014 Residency in Gynaecology/Obstetrics at University Hospital Düsseldorf
2010 〜 2011 Residency in Gynaecology/Obsterics at Alfried Krupp Hospital Essen
2009 PhD Thesis at Philipps University Marburg/Germany
2008 〜 2009 Common trunk in General Surgery at Alfried Krupp Hospital Essen
2007 2nd State Examination and Medical License( M.D.)
2006 Practical year, Auguste-Viktoria-Hospital Berlin and University Hospital Zürich( CH)
2004 〜 2006 Medical student at Philipps University, Marburg/Germany
2003 1st State Examination
2001 〜 2004 Medical student at Heinrich-Heine-University, Düsseldorf/Germany
2000 〜 2001 Military service at Central Military Hospital, Koblenz/Germany
2000 High school Diploma ( Abitur Duesseldorf, 08-30-2022 )