Ryuzo Yanagimachi

Ryuzo Yanagimachi

Professor Emeritus, University of Hawaii Medical School


Received his B.Sc. from Hokkaido University, Japan in 1952 and his D. Sc. from Hokkaido University in 1960 where he conducted research on herring fertilization and reproduction of parasitic cirripeds. He was a ostdoctoral fellow at Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology from 1960- 64 to begin mammalian fertilization study and a Professor at the University of Hawaii Medical School since 1966. Yana has been emeritus since 2004. For nearly four decades, his research has focused on gametes and fertilization biology. His work has advanced not only basic knowledge of mammalian fertilization, but also contributed to the development of assisted fertilization technologies, such as in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection(ICSI), which are widely used in human infertility clinics. He also contributed to the field of transgenesis and cloning. In 2000, he founded and was the first Director of the Institute for Biogenesis Research, housed in the Department of Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology at the University of Hawaii. Under his leadership, research in the institute expanded to include stem cell biology, genome structure and its role in embryogenesis, transgenesis technology, and the elucidation of molecular mechanisms during normal and abnormal embryo development. Yana was elected as a
member of the National Academy of Sciences in 2001.